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February 2015 - National School Competition kicks off

The Collect-a-Can National Schools Competition that kicked off on Sunday, 01 February 2015, teaches learners a valuable lesson in recycling and taking care of the environment, while providing schools with an exciting opportunity to raise additional funds for their school. The National Schools competition annually runs from 01 February to 31 October.

Schools that register for the Collect-a-Can National Schools Competition are encouraged to get their learners involved by collecting as many cans as possible to win great prizes. Prizes are awarded to the schools that collect the most cans per month as well as the most cans per year. Big schools are awarded for collecting the most cans per school, while the second category recognises small schools that collect the most cans per learner.

Schools in different regions will be rewarded for their contributions with big prizes at the schools prize giving event at the end of the year for collecting the most cans in their category. First prize winners will win R 25 000, second prize winners will walk away with R 15 000, while third prize winners will receive R10 000 each.

Schools are excited about this year’s competition. Many schools have already started collecting cans and have plans in place to collect even more cans this year. Some schools encourage learners to collect more cans by rewarding them with fantastic incentives, including excursions, party packs, trophies and many more.

The 2014 winners have big plans with their prize money, including using the prize money to renovate the school into a beautiful and secure place and funding their school nutritional programs.

“Our winning schools are truly an example to all other schools to participate in this competition. This competition provides a great opportunity for schools to generate an extra income or to win big prizes while teaching the learners about a clean, green and healthy environment,” says Zimasa Velaphi, public relations and marketing manager at Collect-a-Can.

These winning schools would like to encourage other schools to start collecting cans today and enter the Collect-a-Can National Schools Competition this year to contribute what they can to help protect the environment – every recycled can counts.


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