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Aluminium vs. Steel

The value of used aluminium cans is much higher than that of tin-plated steel cans, therefore aluminium recovery and recycling is a more economically viable option for informal can collectors to earn a living or supplement a low income. However, steel cans are still valuable and is worth collecting.


Although there are approximately 71 beverage (340ml) cans in one kilogram of aluminium, and only approximately 37 beverage cans in one kilogram of steel cans, the rate we pay for aluminium cans are much higher.



It is very easy to identify aluminium cans, because they are much lighter in weight and has a clearer shine.  It can also be identified by the “Alu” symbol on the can, but if you are not sure you can do the ‘magnet test’ on the side of the can. Because steel cans are magnetic and aluminium cans are not, aluminium cans will not cling to a magnet!!

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