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October 2013 - International Day of Rural Women Celebration

International Day of Rural Women recognises the critical role and contribution of rural women to their local economies, enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty. 

When faced with adversity, a group of women in Orange Farm chose to make use of their resourcefulness and take charge of their futures by seizing opportunities through the recycling of waste - testament to the true strength and generosity of rural women. 

On International Day of Rural Women, 15 October 2013, Collect-a-Can recognises and applauds these inspirational women of the Itsoseng Women's Project who bring dignity to the lives of women and children, by providing opportunities of employment, education, nutrition and free legal aid.  “By creating employment and seizing other opportunities through the recycling of waste, the Itsoseng Women’s Project helps to contribute to greening the environment and raises funds to reinvest in the community’s livelihood”, says Zimasa Velaphi, Public Relations and Marketing Manager of Collect-a-Can.

The Itsoseng Women's Project currently employs 30 people to sort waste, seven community care givers work at a crèche these women built, and 70 home based recyclers collect waste in the community.  “It is critical to create a generation that understands the importance of waste management and recycling,” says Velaphi. “Collect-a-Can encourages those that are unemployed, in particular unemployed youths, to see waste recovery and recycling as an opportunity to earn an income until they can find permanent employment or to supplement low income.”

To find out how to get involved in waste recovery and recycling visit Collect-a-Can’s website or contact the Collect-a-Can head office on 011 466 2939. Collect-a-Can is also on Facebook, Twitter.

For more information on the Itsoseng Women’s Project find them on Facebook or contact 011 8503477.

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