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March 2014 - RUMOUR (click to read) - "R2000 for a two litre bottle full of pull-rings" – WARNING - too good to be true!

Many people across the country have collected enough pull-rings from beverage cans to fill a two litre bottle and think they will be receiving R2,000 or more for it. They have usually heard about it from a friend of a friend who knows someone who got paid. But where do you go to sell the pull-rings and who buys them for R2,000?

As many of you may have heard, there is a bizarre rumour going around that if you collect enough beverage can pull-rings to fill a two litre bottle, you will be paid R2,000 for your efforts.

“As South Africa's preferred beverage can manufacturer, the public assumes that it is Nampak Bevcan that is offering large amounts of money for these ring pulls." explains Alexandra Bouwer, marketing manager for Nampak Bevcan.  We have never communicated anything like this and are yet to find out where this rumour originates from.”

CAN DO! (Nampak Bevcan’s consumer facing brand) recently posted a reminder on their Facebook page which reiterates that neither they nor their recycling division, Collect-a-Can pays such an exorbitant amount for pull-rings. The post received a lot of attention from CAN DO’s Facebook fans, demonstrating what a big issue this has become.

Numerous people commented to say that they had in fact received money for the two litre bottles that they had collected. However, they were not able to give specifics as to where they received the money from or any other concrete details. Disturbingly, one person even admitted to lying, because he was bored and thought it would be fun to claim that he had received the money.

After slogging day in and day out to collect pull-rings to fill their two litre bottles, many people across South Africa have been disappointed to find that there is no place which buys pull-rings. Too many mislead South Africans are falling victim to this rumour and wasting their time in false hope.

It is important to remember that Collect-a-Can collects the whole can for recycling, not just the pull-rings and collectors are paid per kilogram therefore the more "can" the better.

In the past, cans were made from steel, while only the end (top) and the pull-ring were made from aluminium. Therefore, the top was worth a bit more than the body of the can.

Today, however most cans are made entirely of aluminium and are therefore worth much more as recyclables than they were before.

The good news is that you can make money by recycling cans. Over 220 000 South Africans earn an honest living by collecting the entire can for recycling.

"If anyone has any information or could provide us with the details of people or organisations who claim to buy pull-rings, please contact us. We would like to save people time and avoid any more disappointment," Bouwer concludes.

For more information about Nampak Bevcan’s CAN DO!, visit the CAN DO! Facebook page or check out our website

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