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March 2014 - Primary School students learn to love books this Library Week

Caption: The joys of reading were unleashed on twelve primary schools in the Cape Flats area last week in celebration of the annual South African Library Week. The schools participated in Blomvlei Primary School’s Library Week festivities with a surprise appearance by Collect-a-Can’s very own Can Man.

Used can recovery company, Collect-a-Can, partnered with Blomvlei Primary School in Hanover Park to host a four-day event from 17 – 20 March 2014 in celebration of the annual South African Library Week. Each day three schools with 20 Grade Four pupils each where transported to Blomvlei Primary School’s library where the importance of reading was explained. These schools were also encouraged to bring along used cans to contribute to Blomvlei Primary School’s recycling project.

Reading is a fundamental tool, especially for children at a young age, as it helps exercise their brains, learn new words and improve on concentration. Most of the schools who participated in Blomvlei Primary School’s Library Week do not have libraries at their schools and thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations.

“We are very passionate about educating our youth, in particular to teach them about the importance of reading. During the Library Week festivities, we also taught the learners about what Collect-a-Can does and how they can contribute to a cleaner South Africa by collecting and recycling cans,” says Rodrick Resandt, Regional Manager of Collect-a-Can’s Cape Town Branch.

A total of 120 learners participated in Collect-a-Can and Blomvlei Primary School’s Library Week where plenty of activities were enjoyed. Fun prizes were given to learners who answered questions correctly and all of them made their own environmentally friendly can pencil holder. Each learner also received a bag, book and a warm meal after the day which was sponsored by Collect-a-Can.

“Blomvlei Primary School would like to thank Collect-a-Can for their continued support. This initiative aims to make a lasting difference in the Cape Flats area, by encouraging children to read and emphasizing how continuous reading will have a positive impact on them later in life. It was a privilege to have all of the Primary Schools here this past week,” says Dawn Petersen, Head Mistress at Blomvlei Primary School.

Blomvlei Primary School’s library was funded by the Tourist Community Development (TCD) Trust and has been a proud establishment on the school’s premises since it opened on 25 February 2011. The building is made from sustainable material, which makes it easy to contain.

The Primary Schools who participated in this initiative were Blomvlei Primary School, Athwood Primary School, Belmore Primary School, St. Raphaels Primary School, Heideveld Primary School, Athlone North Primary School, Downeville Primary School, Rio Grande Primary School, Red River Primary School, Vanguard Primary School, Bridgeville Primary School and Parkfields Primary School.

The annual South African Library Week is celebrated as part of Human Rights week and aims to educate children about how libraries are making the right to freedom of access to information a reality - a human right which should be valued and used.

To find out more about Collect-a-Can and their activities visit Collect-a-Can’s website or contact the Collect-a-Can head office on 011 466 2939. Collect-a-Can is also on Facebook, Twitter.

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