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March 2011 - Celebrate Earth Hour on 26 March 2011

If you love your planet then show it by turning out your lights for Earth Hour - in fact go one step further this year and pledge to do something more for the planet Beyond the Hour.  This is the message being spread by Earth Hour, the awareness campaign aimed at getting people to look at the effect they are having on the environment by taking cognisance of the resources they are using. People and businesses across the globe are being encouraged to switch off their lights for one hour between 20h30 and 21h30, local time, on Saturday 26 March 2011 to prove their commitment to saving the planet.

To participate, people can go to the Earth Hour website and pledge their or their company’s participation in the hour-long blackout. In addition they can go to the Beyond the Hour wall on the website and post a commitment to perform an on-going personal action to benefit the environment. Some existing pledges include, “unplug my cellphone charger when not in use”, “walk to school as often as possible”, “cut back on how much water I use” and “teach my 2 year old daughter about recycling”.

“There are so many things that can be done to reduce your impact on the planet, and these can be done every single day,” says Mathabo Phomane, PR and Marketing Manager of recycling organisation Collect-a-Can who wholeheartedly support Earth Hour. “Buying products that are packaged in recyclable containers and recycling your waste is a great start.  Participating in recycling not only makes us think about the effect we are having on our environment but also enables us to contribute towards a greater level of sustainability. Recycling helps to prevent pollution, saves money when items are reused and saves natural spaces that would have been used for landfill sites. Recycling 1 aluminum can may save enough electricity to run a television for 3 hours while recycling all cans for 1 year could save enough energy to light Johannesburg for 3 years,” Phomane concludes.

With this in mind Collect-a-Can would like to challenge all South Africans to collect their used metal drink, food and aerosol cans during Earth Hour and beyond and send them to a Collect-a-Can depot or recycling drop-off point to be recycled. It may just be one small step but if everyone takes it, it can lead to a march that will make all the difference.

For more information on Earth Hour and to pledge your participation go to  
For more information on Collect-a-Can visit or contact the Collect-a-Can head office on 011 466 2939. Collect-a-Can is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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