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April 2011 - One man's waste another school's prosperity

One man's waste another school's prosperity
04 April 2011

Pietermaritzburg: Mthethomusha Senior Primary bares proof that it is possible to prosper by taking part in recycling initiatives such as Collect-a-Can’s annual schools competition.  Located in a tiny rural KwaZulu Natal (KZN) town of Plessieslaer, Southeast of Pietermaritzburg, Mthethomusha Senior Primary has done remarkable work to boost and improve their schools funds by participating in Collect-a-Can’s recycling initiatives. From the money received through their recycling efforts they have ensured a bright future for tomorrow’s leaders.

Learners from Mthethomusha Senior Primary are learning that contributing to solving environmental challenges that are posed by waste can be rewarding. Over the past few years the school has set the standard, especially in KZN, through their efforts in collecting used beverage cans. Collect-a-Can pays cash for all cans collected and schools that enter their annual schools competition stand a chance to win additional cash prizes at the end of the year for collecting the most cans during the year. From the prize money won, the school has been able to build a school hall and invest in a computer centre for the learners. Students at Mthethomusha can now look forward to becoming computer literate, especially with the high demand in our society today to be technology-savvy; learners will at least know the basics of Microsoft Office programs that will assist them in future.

“For the past 18 years, schools have been raising funds for themselves while at the same time educating the young ones about the importance of recycling and looking after the environment,” says Mathabo Phomane, PR and Marketing Manager for Collect-a-Can. “We are very proud of the success story that is Mthethomusha”

“On average we make at least R15 000 per annum just through our involvement with Collect-a-Can,” said school Principal Mr Malinga. “We are able to employ and pay the salaries of 18 teachers including those from the School Governing Body from the money that we make from Collect-a-can.
Our success can be attributed to our dedication and team work, it makes a significant difference in what our school has achieved; our benefits have magnified from our involvement in Collect-a-Can’s Schools Competition.”

Mthethomusha Senior Primary School employs 18 teachers including the school principal and educates around 610 learners between Grades 5 – 7. Their involvement in the Collect-a-Can Schools Competition has enabled the school not only to substitute their income and thus uphold a high standard at the school but they have won amazing prizes that have significantly enhanced the facilities that the school has to offer.
Note to Editors:  

Collect-a-Can is dedicated to the minimization of can litter in Southern Africa and ensures that used cans and consequently tinplate, exist in harmony with the environment. Collect-a-Can’s flagship project, the National Schools Competition, has been on-going since 1994 and reaches an average of one million learners annually. Schools have been raising funds for themselves while at the same time being educated about the importance of recycling and looking after the environment. Schools stand a chance of winning prizes worth R380 000 this year.

Schools wanting to take part in the various competitions need to register with their nearest Collect-a-Can branch. For more information contact Collect-a-Can on 031 700-5935 or visit our website on

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