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01 July 2011 - Investigations still underway into the cause of Pretoria building explosion

Investigations are still underway to determine what caused the explosion at Collect-a-Can’s premises on 17 June 2011.

On Friday, 17 June an explosion rocked the Collect-a-Can branch in Pretoria resulting in eight people being hospitalised. Annie Tsima, Collect-a-Can’s Managing Director said, “We are still busy with investigations to determine what may have caused the explosion. It is believed that a small domestic gas cylinder may have been the cause; we are still waiting for forensic reports.”

“We are relieved that four of the eight employees hospitalised have been discharged from hospital; two of the four that were in intensive care have been transferred to a general ward and are recovering well. One person is still in a critical condition. We are praying for everyone’s speedy recovery”, said Tsima.

The Pretoria branch is currently not operational; to make alternative arrangements to deliver any used beverage cans in Pretoria please contact Collect-a-Can’s head office on 011 466 2939.

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