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July 2011 - Collect-a-Can Manager with a mission: Rodrick Resandt the Radiant Recycler

Rodrick Resandt, Regional Manager of Collect-a-Can in the Western Cape, is a man with a mission when it comes to the collection of cans.

Resandt has been part of the Collect-a-Can family for the past 16 years, having joined a mere two years after the company was established.  Resandt started work at the Chloorkop branch in Thembisa and later transferred to Pretoria where he was based for two years. After relocating to Cape Town in 2003, Resandt became the Branch Manager for the Western Cape Region and recently had the Northern Cape and Namibia Regions added to his portfolio.

Prior to joining Collect-a-Can, Resandt had spent 18 years in the retail industry. Resandt recalls, “Changing industries needed quite a paradigm shift; it was totally different from what I had become accustomed to, but it was a welcome change.” For quite some time Resandt had been looking for ways that he could make a difference in others’ lives. When the opportunity at Collect-a-Can crossed his path he knew that he had to grab the opportunity with both hands. Through Collect-a-Can’s philosophy of empowering those that are less fortunate and providing job opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, Resandt knew that he would be able to make a difference and add value to other people’s lives.

Resandt’s passion for what he does is clear, “I love going to bed at night in the knowledge that someone is able to put bread on the table with the money they earned from collecting cans.”
As a manager and a natural problem solver at heart, Resandt enjoys a challenge and he makes it his mission to seek out and tackle new projects. For Resandt, being successful means understanding the clients’ needs and providing excellent customer service; this is paramount and non-negotiable at his branch. Resandt learned many tricks of the trade during his retail years, which he has implemented at the Branch and continuously fine-tuning to suit the waste management environment.

Building and fostering relationships is another key contributor to Resandt’s success at the branch. This is evident as the metal dealers in the Western Cape contribute almost 40% of the total annual declarations for the group.  No mean feat for this Western Cape operation. Resandt has been instrumental in forming alliances with the City of Cape Town and key stakeholders of the province.
Another project that Resandt is justifiably proud of is Collect-a-Can’s work with the Recycling Oil Saves the Environment (ROSE) Foundation. Together they were faced with the challenge of recovering oil and oil cans; through Collect-a-Can’s infrastructure Resandt found a suitable win-win solution for the ROSE Foundation to recover oil, and for Collect-a-Can to recycle the oil cans. After a six month pilot phase, these methods were rolled out at the other branches.

With his roots entrenched in traditional home values and a heritage that he is exceptionally proud of, Resandt’s appreciation for nature and natural surroundings, and more importantly the preservation thereof, is very closely aligned to his daily mission of recycling, creating job opportunities and keeping waste off our landfills.

For more information visit Collect-a-Can’s website or contact Collect-a-Can’s Cape Town Branch on 021 534 7010. You can also follow Collect-a-Can on Facebook and Twitter.

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