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August 2011 - Learners inspired to collect thousands of cans for others

Primrose Park Primary in Manenberg were recently the recipients of around 11,000 empty beverage cans which they can now add to the tally of their own can recycling efforts in Collect-a-Can’s annual schools’ competition.   Herschel Girls Preparatory School heeded the call for more fortunate schools to assist other schools by donating recyclables to them, and ran a drive during the recent school holidays when their learners made a concerted effort to collect as many cans as possible in order to hand them over to Primrose Park Primary.   All credit is due to the Herschel learners, parents and teachers who enthusiastically partook in this very successful collection, enabling Primrose Park Primary to receive remuneration from the cans collected, as well as boosting their numbers in Collect-a-Can’s competition.   This is a fantastic example of how a more affluent school can assist, and work hand-in-hand with schools catering to learners in the more needy areas, at the same time reinforcing the necessity for, and the benefits of recycling.  Two teachers and four learners representing Primrose Park Primary visited Herschel Girls Preparatory School along with Melanie Adams from Collect-a-Can, for the final can count and handing over.  Boding well for the future, discussions are underway around how the two schools may develop further synergies on the mutual grounds of recycling and paying attention to the environment. 

To find out more about how schools can collect cans and participate in various Collect-a-Can competitions with great cash prizes, visit Collect-a-Can at or call Collect-a-Can’s Cape Town Branch on 021 534 7010.

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