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September 2011 - Consider buying beverages in cans this recycling day

In South Africa we are privileged to boast an extremely high national recovery rate of 70% when it comes to recycling cans.  This year, ‘Recycling Day’ is on 16 September and Collect-a-Can is appealing to all South Africans to consider purchasing any beverages they may wish to buy on that day, in cans, as opposed to other containers.  

Going one step further, why not create your meals from canned foods - just for one day?

There are many good reasons to purchase cans:  they are easily stackable and take up less room in any general storage area.  Cans use less space and chill faster in a fridge than any other form of beverage packaging, which helps to save energy, and given recent electricity hikes, it’s useful to know of every possible saving on the monthly electricity bill.  Unlike screw tops, which can be tampered with and may jeopardise the integrity of the contents, the can tab cannot be tampered with once sealed and can tabs have been successfully eliminated as a litter source since they now remain attached to the can.  The neutral, water-based internal coatings protect the integrity of the can's contents and there is absolutely no effect from can or coating on the flavour of the contents.

In addition, the tinplate totally protects the can's contents from dirt and bacteria.  The contents of canned food and beverages are not affected by conditions such as humidity and oxygen.  No unwanted or potentially harmful interactions occur within a properly sealed can, and no seepage can take place because the can is made of impermeable steel.  Cans are so strong that they are almost unbreakable, making them safe for  children or around bare hands and feet on beaches and in other leisure situations such as swimming pools and sports facilities.

Gregory Masoka, Collect-a-Can’s Operations Manager says, “Steel can be used time and time again to produce prime product.  We can easily conserve an enormous amount of energy and resources by paying special attention to recycling cans which are a 100% recyclable and valuable material.”  Masoka adds, “Cans are the most recycled form of packaging in Africa, making a major contribution to the preservation of the natural environment and tourist attractions. We, at Collect-a-Can, are also very proud to be able foster entrepreneurship by offering cash for empty cans, which affords individuals a means to earn some form of income.”

Your cans can either be set aside for delivery to a drop-off point, many of which are easily accessible, or if you are in a municipal area which offers collection of recyclables along with your regular garbage, included with your weekly refuse collection.  Remember that many schools collect cans to supplement their fund raising efforts, so enquire at a school in your area whether they have the facilities for cans to be dropped off.

Any cans collected can be brought to a Collect-a-Can branch where the collector will be paid cash for their cans.  

For more information visit Collect-a-Can’s website or contact Collect-a-Can’s head office on 011 466 2939. You can also follow Collect-a-Can on Facebook and Twitter.

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