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October 2011 - Canvironment Week launching 10-17 November

Nampak Bevcan, DivFood and Collect-a-Can have joined forces under the Nampak banner to become the first official global African partners of Canvironment Week - A unique worldwide initiative, that aims not just to educate but takes action as far as can recycling is concerned.

For the first time in history, can makers and brand owners across the world are coming together to create a ‘United Global Metal Can Recycling Movement.’ The ultimate goal of this global partnership is to make a significant and sustainable impact by creating an all round awareness about the exclusive benefits of can usage, and the most crucial one being its eco-friendly nature.

Beverage cans are South Africa’s most recycled form of beverage packaging with over 70% of all beverage cans produced being recovered for recycling.

To launch this initiative in South Africa, 10-17 November, Nampak Bevcan is running a can design completion with the Vega School of design and branding innovation. The students will have to design a novelty can to mark the annual commemoration of Canvironment Week. They will have to illustrate how they understand the process of recycling cans, by creating a can design.

In addition to this competition, Canvironment Week will be launched at the Green Expo in Cape Town on 18-20 November.

“As the first African partners to support Canvironment Week, we are excited to pioneer this initiative in South Africa,” said Erik Smuts. “By lending our support to Canvironment Week – we are giving a global initiative a local platform and shining the spot light on cans in order to educate South Africans on how recyclable cans are,” he added.

This newly formed partnership with Canvironment Week will enable Nampak and Collect-a-Can to share best practice ideas with the rest of the world, which will help to preserve the environment the company operates in.  Look out for what you as staff can do to get involved with Canvironment Week in November 2011!

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