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October 2011 - Schools can still earn cash from cans before year-end

Schools have been rallying to make bumper collections for Collect-a-Can’s Schools Competitions in the last few months of this year. Schools compete to see who can collect the most cans each month, as well as for the entire year, putting them in line to win great cash prizes.

Collect-a-Can’s 2011 Regional Schools Competition runs from February to October each year. The competition comprises two categories, with monthly cash prizes of R2000 being awarded to the schools that collect the most cans per month in each of six regions (category one) and the same prize being awarded to the schools that collect the most cans per pupil per month (category two). This levels the playing fields, enabling even the smaller schools to stand a good chance of winning.  Runner-up schools receive cash prizes of R1500, R1000, R750 and R500 in each category.

Additionally, apart from the prizes, schools are paid cash for the cans they collect. This has played an important role in practical environmental education, since there is a huge financial incentive for school fund raisers and learners to recycle metal cans.  At the end of the year, even more big cash prizes are up for grabs in the National Schools Competition, which rewards those schools and learners who have consistently collected the most cans throughout the whole year. 

To date, 316 schools have registered for the annual national competition and now stand in line to win their lump sum share of R230 000 in prize money in the two categories, as well as from the whopping R517 500 which will have been paid out in monthly prizes allocated during the course of the year.  For some schools, being able to claim even R1000 per month in prize money makes a huge difference to their budget, not to mention the added bonus if they manage to scoop some of the annual prize money too.

First prizes for August in categories one and two respectively, went to: Thathani Primary School and Swartkop Valley School in Aeroton, Panda Bear Day Care (for both categories) in Cape Town, Mthethomusha Senior Primary School and Peter Nasorg in Durban, Riba Primary School and Dirk Postma Kleuterskool in Pretoria, and Qhoweng Primary School (for both categories) in Vanderbijlpark. Sediko Primary School walked away with the prizes for both categories in the North West Province where they were the only qualifying entry.  This means that schools in the North West region could stand a really good chance of winning a prize, simply by entering and submitting even a small collection of cans.

Gregory Masoka, Operations Manager of Collect-a-Can says, “It is not too late to enter your school if you have not yet done so.   We would like to see many more schools registering for the month of October and we encourage their learners and community members to collect as many cans as possible.  Winning a cash prize for your school is still possible,”

Entry forms for the Schools Competition can be downloaded from the Collect-a-Can website or requested from Collect-a-Can head office. For more information contact Collect-a-Can on (011) 466 2939.

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