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December 2011 - Be CAN-conscious this festive season

Be CAN-conscious this festive season
December 2011

Cans form a big part of our lives. Most South Africa households will use a number of products packaged in cans this Festive Season such as kids coldrinks, men’s beers around the braai, tomato and onion mix for the pap and sauce, tinned peaches for the pudding, ideal milk to pour on top of that pudding, shoe polish to shine up shoes for church, deodorant, hair spray as well as pet food and coffee to mention just a few.  It’s the season to be jolly, to relax and have fun, but it’s also a season that generates a lot of waste.

This Festive Season Collect-a-Can would like to encourage South Africans to be conscious of their waste. Don’t just toss your cans into the bin, rather rinse them and throw them into a recycle bin. The holidays are a great time to start a family recycling project, giving you the opportunity to speak to your kids about what recycling is, why we recycle, how it is done, what items are recyclable and how much energy it can save. Can’s are 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again.

Cans that are not recycled can be set aside to create fun crafts with your children. There are many creative ways that cans may be reused. Here are just a few ideas:

•    squash a beverage can and decorate it with paint and fabric to look like a cute character
•    cut slits down the side of a beverage can to create a lantern
•    make a stationery holder out of a decorated food can
•    fill a coffee can with a few dried beans to make a shaker or tape paper over the top to make a drum
•    create beautiful table centrepieces or vases by decorating empty cans
•    plant herbs and other plants in empty cans of assorted sizes.

Collect-a-Can wishes all South Africans fun-filled holidays and a blessed festive season.

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