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January 2012 - Collect-a-Can shakes up schools competitions in 2012

For almost two decades Collect-a-Can have been committed to rewarding schools for the eco friendly efforts they make collecting used cans for recycling. Their National Schools Competition offers cash prizes to the schools that collect the most cans per month with additional prizes for schools that collect the most cans throughout the year. In addition, various subsidiary competitions keep the schools involvement with cans and recycling fresh and provide additional opportunities to win. This year Collect-a-Can are mixing things up and plan to introduce some exciting new competitions which will be announced later in the year – watch the press for details.

“People may wonder why an organisation whose focus is on recycling used cans would be so involved with schools,” suggests Zimasa Velaphi, PR and Marketing Manager at Collect-a-Can. “The answer is simple; Collect-a-Can strives to build awareness around the recyclability of cans, and what better way to teach a nation than to teach the youth. Our schools competitions aim to educate learners to be sensitive, informed and aware of the importance of recycling for the environment and to demonstrate the economic benefits of recycling. All types of cans namely food, beverage, polish, paint and aerosol cans, are recyclable and can be sold to Collect-a-Can for cash. Using competitions as our medium keeps learners excited about what they are doing and gives us the opportunity to give back to the schools by means of the prize money offered. While the National Schools Competition will continue as before we have decided to shake up the subsidiary competitions for the year and will be getting creative with new ways that schools can win prizes for their efforts,” Velaphi concludes.

Collect-a-Can’s National Schools Competition will run from mid February to October 2012. Subsidiary competitions will include the very popular CAN Craze Competition, which requires learners to work together to build a creative structure out of 300 or more cans, and which will run as usual from June to September. The Guinness World RecordsTM Attempt Competition, which rewards schools with extra prizes for cans collected in October in a bid to boost collection numbers and beat a world record for collecting the most used cans in one month, will conclude being an annual competition this year and will only take place every five years going forward. The Artistic Expression Competition, which was run with schools in previous years, will now be introduced at tertiary level, giving students an opportunity to get involved.

Learners are encouraged to write letters to Collect-a-Can’s Can Man telling him what they would like for prizes this year and what would benefit their schools. This will enable Collect-a-Can to tailor their prize offerings to better serve winning schools and learners. Letters can be mailed to The Can Man, PO Box 30500, Kyalami, 1684.

Entry forms for the competitions will be made available from the middle of February at all Collect-a-Can branches as well as on their website

For more information visit Collect-a-Can’s website or contact the Collect-a-Can head office on 011 466 2939. Collect-a-Can is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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