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February 2012 - Waste management workshop to encourage recycling in tiny Eastern Cape town

The Recycling Action Group (RAG) hosted a waste management workshop for the Nkonkobe Municipality in the town of Alice near East London in the Eastern Cape on 07 February 2012. The training, which was facilitated by PETCO and the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEA), was directed at waste collectors as well as councillors and officials from the Municipality and the Department to provide information on the different types of materials that are recyclable and the methodology involved in recycling them.

Collect-a-Can participated in this initiative to provide information on the recovery and recycling of used steel cans as well as ways that Collect-a-Can could assist collectors and government with these activities. “We are very pleased to have had the opportunity of presenting this training in one of the smallest towns in the Eastern Cape,” said Gregory Masoka, Operations Manager of Collect-a-Can. “It is important to get the message about the economic value of recycling out to every corner of South Africa. The opportunity of providing training to waste recyclers in this area enables us to empower them to manage their waste recycling activities in an exemplary and economically viable manner. Collect-a-Can is very supportive of such training initiatives,” Masoka concluded.

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